Row Scroll Animations for WPBakery Page Builder

Row Scroll Animations for WPBakery Page Builder

(formerly Visual Composer)

Our plugin adds a new element in your arsenal called Row Scroll Animation. Attaching this element into your rows gives you the ability to add entrance and exit animations to them.

Scroll down to see it in action.

All Your Design Options Retained

As with all our other plugins, we integrate well with WPBakery Page Builder’s features. This way, your site’s design options will still work as they usually do.

Add Exit & Entrance Animations

Combine different animations to create unique entrance and exit effects as you scroll through your website.

This is one of the best plugins I’ve ever encountered for WPBakery Page Builder. My site used to be all kinds of boring before I got it.

– John Jacob

I don’t know where our sales would be at if it weren’t for this plugin. My website’s gotten twice the amount of views just on the first few days after downloading. 

-Sally Smith

This plugin is just wonderful. It completely changes the game. Even my 3-year-old son enjoys scrolling through the pages just to see the effects!

– Alex Adamson

Use it to Showcase Different Site Elements

You can use Row Scroll Animations for WPBakery Page Builder for any kind of website, for almost any niche and industry. Showcase stuff like menu items, photos, biographies, and more.

Check Out this Cool Video Background

Row Scroll Animations works well with our other plugins for WPBakery Page Builder- which are all compatible with Row Scroll Animations.

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