The Loading Bar WordPress Plugin

Your website will take a bit of time to load when you have images in them, and during this period your website can sometimes look broken. The Loading Bar is a lightweight plugin that will hide your site while it’s still loading, display a¬†loading progress and when it’s fully loaded, shows your site in all it’s glory.

Loading Screen Customization Examples

Click on each image to view a demo of the example

Thin Horizontal

Bars That Pop Out

Fill Left to Right

  • Choose from 5 loading bar styles,
  • Fully customize their locations, sizes and colors,
  • Includes 17 awesome animated gifs created by Pixel Buddha,
  • Select from 22 cool page transitions,
  • Choose specific pages where to show your loading screen

Filling Up


Corner Circle

  • Fade, rotate, push, move page transitions,
  • Fine tune the location of your loading bar,
  • Fine tune the location of your percentage label,
  • Unlimited colors,
  • Responsive

Rubik's Cube

Swirling Dots & A Counter

Tetris Gif